Wolf draws the crowds

Over 500 people attended the tenth annual Corden Lecture presented by the FT’s Martin Wolf last night.

It was one of the largest attendances at a public lecture in the Faculty this year and those who attended heard Wolf address the subject of how the financial crisis changed the world.

Max Corden (left) and Martin (right) stroll through the Quad at the University before the lecture

Opting not to use a power point, which B&E can provide access to below, Martin instead decided to present in his own engaging style on three lessons from the financial crisis. These lessons were, what  happened, why did it happen and what are the lessons.

It was an absorbing lecture by a man recognised as ‘one of the finest financial journalists in the world today’. Wolf and Max Corden have a long friendship that began in the 1960’s when Max was his Professor at Oxford. Asked by B&E if Max had changed much over the year’s Martin responded that ‘no he was still as fussy as ever.’

This Saturday on ABC Saturday Extra an interview with Martin will be broadcast while also on Saturday The Age will carry an interview with him.

Corden Lecture Presentation

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