Behaviour change key to sustainable Melbourne

A engaging free exhibition at Fed Square from this week will pose questions on the sustainability of Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city continues to expand.

Melbourne is projected to reach a population of 7 million by 2030 and the city has again dominated Australia’s population growth, adding 77,242 people in 2011-12 to reach mid-2012 with a population of almost 4.25 million.

This rapid growth places significant pressures on the city and a new exhibition launched by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) at the University of Melbourne aims to highlight the environmental consequences of Melbourne’s rapid growth.

The exhibition features winning art entries to a competition on the theme of sustainability plus a series of images from across Melbourne by renowned photographer Andrew Brownbill. These series of images illustrate areas of Melbourne and pose questions on sustainability.

‘The photographs beautifully capture environmental consequences of actions that we engage in on a daily basis. We hope to raise awareness that being a highly liveable city also contributes to unsustainable practices that people may not be aware of. Awareness of these negative outcomes is important in order for people to be able to move towards behavioural changes’ commented Associate Professor Angela Paladino from the Department of Management & Marketing and MSSI.

Two students were awarded prizes for their art work entries on the perspectives of sustainability and liveability in Melbourne. They were Thami Croser who won a $2000 first prize, followed by Sophie Neates with a $1000 prize.

The exhibition will be in the Atrium at Federation Square from July 30 – August 5. The event is kindly supported by Federation Square and the University of Melbourne.

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