Ground breaking agreement signed with leading European university

In a ground breaking initiative the Faculty of Business and Economics has signed a dual degree programme with the prestigious Università Bocconi in Italy.

This is the first dual degree program signed in the Faculty of Business and Econmics and is between the Master of International Business (MBS) and MSc Marketing Management (Bocconi).

Commencing in 2014 Bocconi and the Faculty will each select up to two students (among those enrolled at the two Institutions) each year. Students will in principle pursue a two year track, with the first year usually spent at the home University and the second abroad. Upon completion of the study plan (which includes – among other activities – a mandatory internship, the mastering of two foreign languages and the completion of a Master thesis) students will be granted the two fully fledged degrees.

Founded in 1902, located in Milan and ranked in the top 25 worldwide in the latest QS World Rankings the Università Bocconi is one of Europe’s leading economics and business universities.

Dr Andre Sammartino outlined the motivations behind this agreement ‘we were looking for partner universities that run exciting programs of a comparable standard to our own, and which have a diverse student base.  We also want to build unique combinations of degrees that will really differentiate our students. We felt the Master of International Business was an obvious ‘first cab off the rank’ due to the clear focus across our subjects in cross-cultural engagement and the opportunities and challenges of international commerce’.

Paolo Cancelli, the Global Alliances, Manager with the Università Bocconi, underscored why they decided to partner with the Faculty ‘only leading institutions of high calibre that are located in the most relevant economic and business hubs in the global arena are targeted for these ventures. Hence, the Faculty of Business and Economics within The University of Melbourne appeared as a natural match for a new double degree.’

For future students this agreement ushers in some exciting possibilities as Dr Sammartino highlighted ‘the aim of such arrangements is to expand the educational opportunities for our Masters students by providing them the opportunity to study at other world class universities, broaden their horizons, and build wider networks.’

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