Australia’s social security placed under the microscope

Australia’s social security system is the focus of a special issue of the Australian Economic Review published this month.

This virtual edition of the Review selects eight articles previously published over the period 2006 to 2013 that contain advice as to what action governments might take in both the short and long run, including suggestions for encouraging movement from welfare to work. A common theme of these free articles is an examination of the reasons for changes in the number of recipients of various income support schemes.

The eight articles are


‘Public policy and debate is currently reflecting on Australia’s social security system. We felt it pertinent to highlight previous research we published in this area that gives both a national and international insight to this issue. The issues faced by Australia are not unique to this country. Much can be learned from international experience’ highlights the editor of the Review Professor Ross Williams.

The Australian Economic Review is published quarterly by Wiley on behalf of the Melbourne Institute. An applied economics journal with a strong policy orientation, the Review publishes high quality articles applying economic analysis to a wide range of macroeconomic and microeconomic topics relevant to both economic and social policy issues, and is the leading journal of its kind in Australia and the Asia- Pacific region.

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