BCom students to bring finance knowledge to secondary schools


Secondary school pupils in Melbourne will receive financial literacy lessons from Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) students under an innovative new subject to commence in semester 1 of 2015.

Studies show that over the past decade, consumer debt and exclusion from the financial system have risen dramatically in Australia. Both issues are particularly prevalent among 18-24 year-olds with adolescents and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, being particularly vulnerable.

The new subject ‘Street Finance’ will be a third-year subject involving students visiting secondary schools in Melbourne for the purpose of delivering three lessons on finance topics of interest and relevance to young people.

Specific topics to be covered will change from year to year, and may include broad topics (such as budgeting) and/or topics of specific practical relevance to high school students (such as financial aspects of mobile phone contracts).

‘Street Finance provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their technical and communication skills, while at the same time making a tangible contribution to the community through the delivery of finance lessons to an audience that may not have access to financial education or the finance profession’, commented Dr Carsten Murawski in the Department of Finance.


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