Hong Kong and China alumni come together

University of Melbourne alumni based in Hong Kong and China came together at a series of Business and Economics Alumni receptions held in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Paul Kofman, the events were well-attended by alumni from a broad cross section of industries.

At each event Professor Kofman outlined the Faculty’s engagement activities in China and throughout Asia, “We have partnerships and exchange agreements with leading universities in the region,” he told the Shanghai audience.

Professor Kofman presenting to alumni in Shanghai

Professor Kofman presenting to University of Melbourne alumni in Shanghai.

Professor Kofman went on to highlight the visiting academics program associated with the Faculty’s Centre for Asian Business and Economics, “This academic exchange program will facilitate collaboration with young academics from leading Asian universities on topics of direct impact and relevance to Asia-Australia business engagement.”

The Faculty’s focus on business relevance, regional engagement and alumni connections provides exciting opportunities according to Professor Kofman, “For example, there are 900 University of Melbourne alumni living in Shanghai city, 500 of whom are Business and Economics alumni,” he said.

He cited the ‘welcome home’ events run by the University as an example of mutually beneficial engagement activities. Held annually in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other key global cities, the events see recently returned graduates meeting with established senior alumni.

“It is through these connections that we can build an even stronger, more connected alumni base, one that has professional benefits for the senior alumni as well as for returning graduates”, said Professor Kofman.

In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, Professor Kofman’s address was followed by a speech from a prominent University of Melbourne alumnus based in the region. Jason Cheng (BCom 1993), Managing Director of Kerogen Capital Limited, addressed the Hong Kong gathering. The Director of the Mount William Investment Group, William Abbott (BA 2003), delivered the Shanghai address. The speech for the Beijing event was provided by Tracy Colgan (BCom 1992, BA Hons 1992). Tracy is the President of Kamsky Associates, Inc. and Chairman of the Board at the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

The event in Guangzhou was the first of its kind held in that city, and attracted strong attendance from locals as well as alumni from as far as Changsha and Shenzhen.

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