Farewell class of 2014

Celebrating graduation.


Deputy Chancellor, colleagues, graduates and graduands, families and friends.

You graduate here today as future business leaders into a business world that is rapidly and constantly transforming. Old industries are decaying and are energetically and excitingly being replaced by sectors and fields that were simply not on the horizon a few years ago. The traditional global centres of business are moving to accommodate regional economic growth and the world’s gaze is now resting firmly on the South East Asian region. The gravitational centre of the world’s economy has shifted and with it come exciting new job opportunities right here on our doorstep. Such changes bring challenges but they also represent a generational opportunity.

As this region economically develops and grows into a global economic powerhouse, the world is knocking on the door to do business here. Galvanize your newly acquired knowledge, skills and graduate attributes by seizing these opportunities. Strive to become global leaders in the field that is your passion. Leaders that inspire and motivate, but also leaders who actively participate in, and contribute to their society and their community.

As you shape your career, seek to assist those around you. Remember those from your family and friends who helped you in your journey. Use those newly acquired skills to affect the change you want to see in the world. As graduates of a world class University, we expect nothing less of you.

Our passion in the Faculty of Business and Economics is to teach, inform and inspire. Those early morning lectures, the numerous tutes, the many consulting projects and case studies, the constant encouragement to get involved in a student experience or glean knowledge from a leadership forum, comes from the dedication by our academic and professional staff for you to realise your full potential. You will leave us in full confidence of our immense belief in your talent and ability.

As you step away from us we simultaneously ask you to join us. Your classmates today are your friends and network in the years ahead. Become part of our global alumni community of over 57,000 alumni from Melbourne to Shanghai to Paris or LA. Across the disciplines and professions of finance, accounting, economics, management and marketing, our alumni, many of them in leadership positions, generously give their wisdom and advice as mentors, friends, and colleagues. We want you to be part of this network and eventually become mentors yourselves.

I am proud that you gave my colleagues and I the opportunity to work with you and to inspire you – the best and brightest. I hope we lived up to expectation. We are proud to have been able to observe your cohort grow, learn, and put that learning into practice from Orientation Day on your first day at Uni to your graduation today. It’s been a privilege to get the opportunity to know you.

Graduands I congratulate you on your achievement today. You should be extremely proud to count yourself as a graduate of The University of Melbourne.

Graduation address to the BCom class of 2014 by Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Paul Kofman

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