Business and Economics Alumnus Daniel Millin paves the way for social media with heart

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“Incogo is social media for your real life.”

These are the first words you’ll see when you visit So often, when we log on to our social media accounts, we are faced with post after post of how amazing someone else’s life seemingly is – someone decided to spend their weekend in Paris; another person shows off their bikini body; you’ve learned what 20 of your friends ate at breakfast… the list goes on. By contrast, we are seldom compelled, or asked, to support a friend or family member on their journey of combatting illness, achieving a new goal, or defeating their inner demons. This is where Daniel Millin thinks he has found the perfect solution – for the social media-hungry actors and audience we have become, there is now a space for you to be the real you, and to be applauded for sharing those raw snapshots of life that are often not very pretty. (And by the way, it doesn’t have to be a photo – it could be a one-liner telling your supporters what a bad night’s sleep you had with sleep apnea.) At the end of the day, your supporters are there because they want to help you on this journey.

Incogo is a community where members share their personal journeys, from overcoming a fear of heights, or planning a wedding, to battling cancer, privately through invitation-only groups, or publicly with anyone interested in their topic. Rather than liking a post, members support individuals on their journey and share experiences through the good, the bad and the ugly.

A self-proclaimed social media addict, Mr Millin was growing increasingly disconnected on other social platforms due to the sheer amount of noise in his newsfeeds. According to research by McCrindle, 78 per cent of Australian social media users share his frustration with superficial social media use and 83 per cent of Australians are craving more meaningful digital connections.

“On Incogo, people support each other much like they do in real life. It’s not about replacing these real-life interactions but supporting them, and fostering meaningful relationships with likeminded people on a global scale,” Mr Millin explains. Incogo aims to be a different type of social media.

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